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About us

The aim of our stud farm is to produce horses with a lot of expression that are easy-going, willing to work and comfortable, for ambitious competion riders as well as free-time riders. Horses that are very affectionate towards humans and have the capability of learning fast and eagerly. Through careful selection the product is a Lusitano with great temperament, exceptional gaits and high disposition for dressage sports. We set great value upon giving our horses the optimal circumstances for rearing, to ensure healthy growth, strength and a balanced temper, making them perfect saddle horses in the future. Our horses spend their lives outside in the pasture with their herd all year round.


Baixanel, Breeder: Pedro Passanha

Brioso, Breeder: Pedro Ferraz da Costa

Zefir das Lezirias, Breeder: Companhia das Lezirias



SPORT LUSITANOS AUSTRIA - 2734 Puchberg am Schneeberg / 1010 Wien  -

Copyright: DI Stephanie Zweymüller

Mitglied des Cavalo Lusitano Switzerland, Schweizer Zuchtverband für das Lusitanopferd

Mitglied des Verband niederösterreichischer Pferdezüchter


Lusitanogestüt in Niederösterreich/Wien, Österreich - Zucht und Verkauf bester Dressurpferde für die klassische Reitkunst, als auch die iberische Reitweise. Puro Sangue Lusitano PSL Import aus Portugal, eingetragen im portugiesischen Zuchtbuch und gekört.