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Born:          2006

Breeder:     Pedro Passanha

Coat:           grey

Height:       1,62 m


Morphological test:

Head and neck:              8,0

Shoulder and withers:   8,0

Chest and ribcage:         8,0

Back and loins:             10,5

Croup:                             7,0

Members:                     10,5

Forms as whole:           12,0

Movements:                  12,0

Total:                             76,0


BAIXANEL was awarded the title "Champion of Graz" at the austrian breeding show in Graz 2013, as best horse in show.


Baixanel is a very typical descendant of his sire XAQUIRO, showing all the excellent breeding qualities of his father. The high proportion of his fathers genes make him especially interesting for breeding.


Covering conditions:


BAIXANEL stands at stud starting 2014. For details on the conditions please contact us directly.



Baixanel (SPP)

Xaquiro (CI), gr.

Quieto (CI), Sch.

Quieta (CI), bay

Janota (GUB), gr.

Xaquiro (CI), gr.

Ufana (JGB), gr.

Estribilho (MAC), bay

Jogada (CI), bay

Estribilho (MAC), bay

Cigana (FRM), gr.

Quieto (CI), gr.

Quieta (CI), bay

Martini (CI), gr.

Ninfa (PB), gr.

BAIXANEL is a notable stallion due to his impressive appearance. He has great talent for dressage and has been competed successfully on national level. Also in jumping and working equitation he demonstrates his versatility and reliability. Apart from his excellent character and expressive head, he excels through high rideability, extensive movements, absolute obedience and willingness to work.

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Mitglied des Cavalo Lusitano Switzerland, Schweizer Zuchtverband für das Lusitanopferd

Mitglied des Verband niederösterreichischer Pferdezüchter


Lusitanogestüt in Niederösterreich/Wien, Österreich - Zucht und Verkauf bester Dressurpferde für die klassische Reitkunst, als auch die iberische Reitweise. Puro Sangue Lusitano PSL Import aus Portugal, eingetragen im portugiesischen Zuchtbuch und gekört.