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BUROCRATICA is a light mare with extremely elastic movements, a well defined head with a lot of expression and large beautiful eyes.


Burocratica (SPP)

Born:       2006

Breeder:  Pedro Passanha

Coat:        grey

Height:    1,61 m


Morphological test:

Head and neck:              8,0

Shoulder and withers:   8,0

Chest and ribcage:         8,0

Back and loins:             10,5

Croup:                            7,0

Members:                     10,5

Forms as whole:           12,0

Movements:                  12,0

Total score:                   76,0

Xaquiro *****(CI), Sch.

Coca (OGC), Br.

Sozinha (SPP), Sch.

Zorro (MAC), Sch.

Nixita (SPP), Sch.

Maravilha (MV), Br.

Quiba (OGC), Br.

Quieto (CI), Sch.

Quieta (CI), Br.

Quimono (AA), Falb.

Beiroa II (JC), Sch.

Xaquiro (CI)*****, Sch.

Bolota (JGB), Sch.



BUROCRATICAs sire ROUXINOL is a very sucessful stallion from the stud farm of João Pedro Rodrigues. He is one of the few 4-star recommended stallions of the APSL. In 2002 he himself was vice-champion and received a gold medal at Golegã and in 2004 he was the vic-champion at the FIPSL (international lusitano championships). His full brother OXIDADO is also a 4-star recomended stallion and reached numerous 1st places in working equitation tests, and finally became world champion with his rider Pedro Torres.


ROUXINOLs descendants have won numerous medals and championships. Amoung these, the stallions ZAIRE and BARILOCHE are especially outstanding.


BARILOCHE reached the extremely high mark of 78.5 at the morphological test and was awarded the "Champion of champions" title including a gold medal at Golegã in 2009. In 2010 he was vice-champion and was awarded a further gold medal at Golegã. Furthermore, he was ranked 1st at the FIPSL in Cascais, in the same year. He has a record of numerous victories at dressage championships with marks going as high as 83.2%. Just like his father, he has been named 4-star recommended stallion by the APSL.


ZAIRE is already a superstar in portuguese dressage sports. He reached the title "Champion of Champions" at the age of 5, in 2010, and at the age of just 6 he was the winner of the CDI*** Aruda dos Vinhos and of the CDI**** Comporta. 2010 he won the qualification for the FEI World Young Horse Championships being awarded the exceptional mark of 8,560, by Dr. Christoph Hess. 2010 he became "Champion of Champions" for the second time including a gold medal at the FIPSL.

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