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GRAINHA is a very impressive young mare with exceptional movements, natural impulsion and a high level of balance in all three gaits. She distinguishes herself not only because of her beautiful colour, but also through her expressive dry head with large dark eyes. She will be interesting as dressage horse as well as for breeding.

GRAINHA's sire IMPETO is marked by the famous stallion UFANO II, whose popular rider Paolo Caetano is also the breeder of his son ALTIVO. Both were very successful bullfighting horses.


IMPETO meanwhile counts 5 approved daughters and one approved son, ESPLA who achieved the excellent grade of 12 points for his movements and a total of exceptional 77.5 points. All of IMPETOs descendants achieved a grade of 12 to 13.5 points (the maximum!) for their movements. His outstanding daughter OPALA (Breeder: Michaela Kleba) is the mother to the exceptional stallion ZUELO, who was awarded two (!) 4-star recommendations by the APSL. One for model and movements and the other for dressage. The mare OPALA brought 3 approved descendants. Among these is the mare AELA, who reached the extraordinary grade of 81 points, making her a 3-star recommended broodmare. IMPETOs descendants stand out through their excellent skills in dressage and beautiful conformation.


Also the sire UNIVERSO was a very famous bullfighting horse, who was ridden by Alvaro Domecq Romero. His descendants won numerous medals and were always found in the top ranks at the breeding shows. His father LIDADOR II was also a very successful bullfighting horse, who had been approved with the exceptional mark of 81 points.


Grainha (SPP)

Born:          2011

Breeder:     Pedro Passanha

Coat:          Bay

Height:      pred. approx. 1,60 m



Opala (CSM), bay

Universo (MV), gr.

Tremocilha (EA), gr.

Lidador II (MV), gr.

Medronha III (MV), bay

Ben-Hur (MV), gr.

Hera (EA), bay

Impeto (PC), bay

Altivo (PC), bay

Celine (PC), gr.

Ufano II (MV), gr.

Vasquita (CI), gr.

Ufano II (MV), gr.

Quieta (CI), bay


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