Sport Lusitanos Austria


Born:             2000

Breeder:        Pedro Passanha

Coat:             Grey

Height:          1,65 m


Morphological test:

Head and neck:                7,0

Shoulder and withers:     8,0

Chest and ribcage:           8,0

Back and loins:               12,0

Croup:                               7,0

Members:                        10,5

Forms as whole:             10,5

Movements:                    12,0

Total:                               75,0


TEZOURA distinguishes herself from the rest of the herd through her size and elegance. Through her strong croup she is able to generate a lot of impulsion., making her movements extraordinary. Her son ARAMIS by ROUXINOL (JGR) is an approved breeding stallion.


Tezoura (SPP)

Zorro (MAC), Gr.

Quimono (AA), Dun

Beiroa II (JC), Gr.

Janota (GUB), Gr.

Xaquiro (CI), Gr.

Ufana (JGB), Gr.

Traquina (MV), Gr.

Gaviota (JC), Gr.

Imperador (FRM), Gr.

Calabria (FRM)

Quieto (CI), Gr.

Quieta (CI), Bay

Martini (SA), Gr.

Ninfa (PB), Gr.

On the sire side of TEZOURAs pedigree, the sire QUIMONO (AA) was an exceptional stallion, who reached 80 points at the approvation and was aquired by th Coudelaria Nacional (CV) in order to improve the breed.


The mare side of the pedigree is marked by the exceptional stallion XAQUIRO, as in all of our brood mares.


The highly successful stallion MARTINI (SA) counts a number of 62 inscribed descendants, from portuguese as well as brasilian studfarms. He used to be called "the optimal bullfighting horse" and was very renown in the breed. He was approved with 81 points.

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Mitglied des Cavalo Lusitano Switzerland, Schweizer Zuchtverband für das Lusitanopferd

Mitglied des Verband niederösterreichischer Pferdezüchter


Lusitanogestüt in Niederösterreich/Wien, Österreich - Zucht und Verkauf bester Dressurpferde für die klassische Reitkunst, als auch die iberische Reitweise. Puro Sangue Lusitano PSL Import aus Portugal, eingetragen im portugiesischen Zuchtbuch und gekört.