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XAQUIRO (1980-2007)


Legendary stallion of the breed - main component of our lines


XAQUIRO is one of the most important stallions of the breed. This is mainly proven by the countless successes of his progeny. Until now his sons and daughters were able to win more than 100 gold medals and 10 "Champion of Champion" titles. Beside his son SPARTACUS and just 5 other stallions, he was awarded the title "Stallion of Merit *****" by the APSL (official portuguese Lusitano breeding association). In 1988 he himself won a gold medal at the FIPSL (international Lusitano festival) and in 2004 he won in the category for stallion progeny. In 2010 he was additionally awarded the title "outstanding breeder".


XAQUIRO was primarily famous as dressage stallion with outstanding movements. He was approved with the outstanding mark of 80 points. His progeny excel through their high commitment, will to work and suitability for dressage sports. Main characteristics of his progeny are the expressive head and elastic and extensive movements.


The successes of some of his most important sons are described below:


Spartacus (CSM) - Stallion of Merit*****, triple Champion of Champions FIPSL (2001, 2002, 2003), Champion of Champions Vila Franca de Xira 1999


Oxidado (JGR) - Working equitation successes: European Champion (team): 2001,2004,2008,2009,2010. European Champion (individual): 2004,2008,2009,2010. Word Champion (team): 2002,2006,2011. World Champion (individual): 2011


Rouxinol (JGR) - Vice-Champion und gold medal Golegã 2002, Vice-Champion FIPSL 2004. Sire to

 Zaire (SPP) (Champion of Champions 2010, Portuguese Champion Dressage St. Georg, qualified for the FEI World Championship of Young Horses 2010)


Toxico (JGR) - recommended stallion*** of the APSL, Champion of Champions Golegã 2004


Taxativo (SPP) - Champion Portuguese Dressage Championships 2010, Vice-Champion St. Georg Portuguese Cup 2009, National Champion St. Georg Portuguese Cup 2009


Nuxeque (SPP) - Gold medal FIPSL 1998, Champion of Champions Golegã 1998, portuguese Champion of the Dressage Championships 1998 and 1999


Luxo (SPP) - Gold medal FIPSL 1998, portugueses Champion der Dressage Championships 1995 and 1996


Our stallion Baixanel is also a son of the famous XAQUIRO.




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